Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets

Ross Bentley presents “Speed Secrets” at BMW CCA’s Flat Out Classic VI 
May 31-June 2, 2019.



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FOC 2019 Schedule – Speed Secrets

A little about Ross:
Ross Bentley is the foremost authority on driving for everyone from raw novices to elite professional drivers. His Speed Secrets books, webinars, eBooks, newsletters, track walks and in-person coaching, and seminars are in demand all over the world. Ross can help you understand what you’re doing now at your current level of driving, plus help you go beyond to the next level. He is a long-time BMW marque enthusiast – Ross won the U.S. Road Racing Championship in a factory M3 in 1998, provided vehicle testing and feedback training for BMW NA, and his advanced driving school in Canada was sponsored by BMW for five years.



His passion is helping drivers of all levels and types be even better.

We have an exciting range of classes scheduled for this year’s event – please read the list below and sign up for one, or maybe even two classes today!

  • Coaching with Data
    • Here’s your opportunity to work in a small group setting with Ross Bentley, one of the best driver coaches in the world.  Instead of paying the thousands of dollars needed for a private coach of his caliber, you’ll get a taste (~1 hour) of the guidance and advice a top-caliber driver coach provides to his professional driving clients.   Participants must have a data acquisition system, a laptop/tablet, and the ability to pull up data for Ross to review with drivers in a small group setting. 
    • NOTE: Drivers must know how to display their data so Ross can provide feedback.  Drivers will need to have the data already loaded into either Track Attack or Circuit Tools.  We recommend having several laps available for review and that drivers be prepared to quickly switch from lap to lap for Ross’ review. 
  • Ride with Ross
    • Have you ever been on a ride around a racetrack with a former IndyCar racer, a 24 Hours of Daytona Champ, or one of the top driver coaches in the world?  Here’s your chance to check all 3 boxes at one time.  Ross Bentley will give you a ride for a few laps, and proceeds will benefit the Street Survival teen driving program.
  • Advanced Instructing Techniques
    • Ross Bentley will share coaching/instructing tips gained from his work with thousands of drivers across the country.  This 3-part classroom program will help you take your instructing to the next level and is only available to Solo-Advanced and Instructor drivers that are participating on Friday.
  • Data for Advanced Drivers
    • This program is available to all Solo-Advanced and Instructor drivers attending on Friday.  In this 3-part program, Ross Bentley will share and describe the key data points analyzed when he’s utilizing data to help top professional teams/drivers improve their performance.  Throughout this program you’ll learn multiple Speed Secrets that separate the best from the rest.
  • Advanced Driving Techniques
    • This 3-part classroom program is the ideal program for the Advanced or Upper Intermediate driver that has developed their driving skills, but their development is slowing or has hit a plateau.  Ross Bentley will discuss driving techniques, help you master the mental game of performance driving, and provide direction on how to use data acquisition to further improve your driving.
  • Fundamentals for Continuous Improvement
    • Aimed at the Novice or Lower-Intermediate driver, this 3-part classroom program will help point newer drivers on the right trajectory for improvement over their driving careers.  Ross Bentley will teach you the fundamentals of performance driving, help you understand the mental challenges of performance driving, and provide you with key areas to focus on that will ensure you’re always improving in this sport.

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