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High Performance Driving School A.K.A High Performance Driver’s Education (HPDE)

The “Flat Out” Classic features many events throughout the weekend, and includes a 2-day high performance driving school. BMW club chapters have been hosting these schools for over 20 years and have considerable experience in how to run a safe, fun, and educational school.  This is your chance to take your car on a real road course, with qualified instructors, professional corner workers and safety personnel.  You will receive 2 full days of classroom and on-track instruction in your car.  Ever watched a road race and wondered what everyone meant by the terms apex, early entry, trail braking – well, here’s your chance to learn what all those mean! Advanced solo students have Friday available as well.

Heartland Motorsports Park in Topeka is the home for the school – as well as all the other events

during the classic weekend.  The road course features 16 turns, and is 2.5 miles in length.  The course features several signature corners and elevation changes across the course. It also has great safe, run-off areas—should they be needed.  This makes for an interesting, challenging, but very rewarding drive.  The course has served as home to the national championships for amateur racing in North America, and has been featured on ABC, ESPN, and Speed TV.  This is a purpose-built pro course, designed for road course driving.

During the school weekend, we will have all types of vehicles – you do not need a “race car” for this school – as this is not a “race” school. BMW’s, Mercedes, Ford, Honda, Porsche – you will see nearly all makes at this event.  Any street vehicle (other than high center-of-gravity vehicles and convertibles) can participate.  Your vehicle only needs to be in safe operating condition.

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