2022 Pricing

2022 Event Pricing

High Performance Driving School
$429 Saturday-Sunday HPDE: This includes 2-days of instruction and track sessions. This is a two-day school; one-day registrations by pre-approval only. (see important note on instruction mode above)

$529 Friday-Saturday-Sunday HPDE: Group 1/Advanced-Solo students can participate in an extra day to improve their skills. Fee is for all three days.

$150 Instructor 3 day HPDE:
$275 Instructor Friday+Saturday-Sunday Time Trial: While the organizers will do their best to organize schedules so that instructors can run Time Trials, it can make for a very busy weekend.

Time Trials
$429 Saturday-Sunday Time Trials: For Group 1/Advanced-Solo students.

$529 Friday+Saturday-Sunday Time Trial: For Group 1/Advanced-Solo students. Get some practice in on Friday for Time Trials on Saturday and Sunday.
OPTIONAL – $60 Transponder Rental for Saturday-Sunday Time Trials

$25 Drag Strip Runs
$25 Event T-Shirt

$150 Garage: These can be split amongst your friends. Garages are available on first-come, first-served basis and are limited in number. Once they are gone, that’s it – they are gone!

$58 Annual BMW CCA membership
Membership is required to participate. If you don’t like this rule, complain to the IRS, not us. It is their rule.

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